Emergency Unit

Emergency Unit


Kong (Michael Miu) has just returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan and wants to quickly find is daughter Yau Yau (Elanne Kong) to mend their relationship and also plan revenge. He pretends to surrender to Do (Lum Lei) who caused him to be jailed. On the other hand police officer Cheung (Ron Ng) has been assigned a special assignment and good friend and police officer Lei (Samuel Chan) are like a family. Lei continues to be strong and continues to be friends with Cheung but Cheung can only help the police investigate this case further in order to capture Kong by becoming an undercover cop. But when evidence had proven the guilt of Kong and Cheung managed to have a good relationship with Kong the police force did not let him reveal his real disguise yet wanting him to continue on being an undercover cop and so during this time Cheung becomes one of Kong's people and turns his back on the police force.... Yik keeps a close watch on Kong but purposely shows that he trusts Leung (Michael Tse) more and intentionally puts him in a high position but Kong has all the information to be able to plan the revenge and uses Yik's wife Ching (Kathy Chow) in the organization as an influence to help Kong up the ranks. But when he thought that he was in control, his drug dealing business failed and Kong discovers that the people he trusted the most betrayed, tricked and used him...

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Action; Drama; Triad;

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