Eden Season 2 (2022)

Eden Season 2 (2022)

Other name: Eden, Descendants of Instinct 2 , Eden, Descendants of Instinct Season 2 , Eden Bonneungeui Huyedeul 2 , Eden Bonneungeui Huyedeul Sijeun 2 , 에덴, 본능의 후예들 시즌2 , 에덴, 본능의 후예들2


Passions spilled over and couples were formed in the beachside EDEN house in season one: “EDEN, Descendants of Instinct.” But now the heat will be turned up yet another notch as a new set of male and female singletons heads to the EDEN house – in search of love. In EDEN, social norms and customs are done away with: Contestants speak to each other informally and without the honorifics usually used in everyday Korean language. The amount of information they are able to learn about one another is also limited, meaning that hierarchies cannot form easily here! While the first season saw the constants having fun in the sun, the second season promises a new range of pulse-racing games and activities – with a darker and sexier vibe than the first season. Three celebrity guides – Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi, and Simeez – are on hand to watch events unfurl at the EDEN house and provide their commentary. With the romantic vibe turned all the way up to 10, will our hosts be able to contain their excitement...as the contestants’ hunt for love intensifies?

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Variety;

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