Eighteen Year Old Sky

Eighteen Year Old Sky

Other name: 十八岁的天空 ; Shi Ba Sui De Tian Kong , 18-Year-Old Sky


Gu Yue Tao, a newly hired high school teacher, is determined to bring out the best from each and every one of his students. He meets challenges in the form of his tomboyish and Mood-Swinger coworker Pei Pei, the somewhat antagonistic student Shi Yan Feng, and constant complaints from parents concerning his untraditional teaching methods. Although his students vary greatly in terms of academics and personality, Yue Tao helps them in not only an educational sense but also by establishing a personal connection, helping them see past the horizons of their eighteen-year-old sky.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Drama; Friendship; School;

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