Emperors and Me

Emperors and Me

Other name: Zhong Wang Jia Dao 众王驾到 眾王駕到 The Emperor Arrives


An ordinary college student who discovers that she has the power to travel through time mistakenly brings back three emperors from their respective dynasties to the present day.

In order to help her roommate Fei Yan (Sun Ziyu) cope with heartbreak, Luo Xi (Dai Wenwen) who is in her senior year of university runs into trouble. The debacle ends with Luo Xi and her friend Le Xue (Cao Feiran) falling off a building. By miracle, they survive and find themselves within the pages of the novel Qian Guo Ji.

Qian Guo Ji is set in the continent of Xia Zhou and revolves around dynastic changes that spans a thousand years. Luo Xi and Le Xue meet young emperor Qin Shang (Gao Taiyu) of Qi. Being pursued by Qin Shang's army, Luo Xi manages to return to the present at the most crucial moment. She brings back Qin Shang with her and realizes that Le Xue has been left inside the book.

Similar encounters bring Luo Xi and Shang Qin back to the past only to return with Emperor Rong Yu (Liu Zhaohong) of An and Emperor Guo Yan (Gao Jicai) of Chen. Each time, Le Xue remains trapped inside the book. Luo Xi starts to discover Shang Qin's kind and caring side beneath his domineering exterior but she worries that the time will come when he must return to his world. Just when she decides to live in the moment, the real mastermind springs into action from behind the scenes.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Friendship; Romance;

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