Endless Love (2019)

Endless Love (2019)

Other name: Tian Tang De Wei Xiao, 天堂的微笑


Sun You Xiang and Zhao Cheng Shu are not winners in life. Even though they're not well off, they live happily with their mother and daughter. Cheng Shu's dream is to have a son, but despite all the methods she tries, she's unable to conceive. When she finally decides to give it up, her doctor shares some good news: She's pregnant. However, what appeared to be a fortuitous beginning soon becomes a painstaking choice. Cheng Shu is diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer and must now choose between her life and her child. She can't bear the thought of leaving behind her husband and young daughter, but neither can she let go of the small life growing inside of her.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Drama;

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