Episode: Youth Forty (2012)

Episode: Youth Forty (2012)

Other name: 剧集:青春四十 Qing Chun Si Shi Bloom at Forty


The story revolves around three 40-year-old women: lawyer Du Xiaoling, returned overseas Chinese Song Qing, and supermarket cashier Ye Hong. After Ye Hong's divorce from the gambler's ex-husband, he took his son to rent the house of the equally divorced taxi driver He Jing. One day, He Jing's ex-wife and Ye Hong's ex-husband suddenly appeared at the same time, and the four lived together in embarrassment. Ye Hong took the initiative to take care of He Jing's ex-wife who was paralyzed by a car accident. He Jing was deeply moved and the two sparked love. Hu Zhendong and Du Xiaoling, both attorneys, had a further emotional development in the process of representing the divorce lawsuit together. Song Qing and Bruce Lee opened a literary café. The two were like-minded, and Bruce had an admiration for Song Qing. When Song Qing’s ex-husband came back from abroad, Song Qing realized that her ex-husband’s awakening was what she had been waiting for. The story of three forty-year-old women ended happily.

Director: Liu Xin [刘新]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Law; life; Romance;

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