Love of the Divine Tree (2024)

Love of the Divine Tree (2024)

Other name: 仙台有树 仙台有樹 Xian Tai You Shu Sendai Tree


Twenty years ago, Mu Qing Ge, the leader of the Xishan Sect, sacrificed the Golden Core to seal the Ling Quan on her disciple Su Yi Shui in order to protect the people and prevent the chaos caused by the spiritual spring of demonic creatures.

Mu Qing Ge's actions were misunderstood by the world as that of a demonic leader, leading to a joint attack by the four major sects. Su Yi Shui learned the truth before Mu Qing Ge's death, and after overcoming countless dangers, he found the Tree of Reincarnation, offering half of his Golden Core to help Mu Qing Ge be reborn.

Twenty years later, Mu Qing Ge was reborn as Xue Ran Ran. Su Yi Shui took in the frail and dying Ran Ran, vowing to protect her throughout her life. Now, with the seal on the spiritual spring loosening again, the demonic cultivator Dun Tian seeks to use the Ling Quan to create a demonic son, intending to harm the living.

Remembering Mu Qing Ge's instructions, Su Yi Shui risked his life to seal the Ling Quan back into the ghost realm. Su Yi Shui was framed by Dun Tian while sealing the spiritual spring and lost his memory. Despite the loss of memory, Su Yi Shui fell in love with Ran Ran once again.

Together, they faced numerous hardships, ultimately thwarting Dun Tian's conspiracy, protecting the people, and bringing clarity to the world.

(Source: Cpophome)

Adapted from the web novel "Xian Tai You Shu" (仙台有树) by Kuang Shang Jia Kuang (狂上加狂).

Episodes: 40

Duration: 45 min.

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Yin Tao [尹涛]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Fantasy; Novel; Romance; Wuxia;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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